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Your tax disc questions answered

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  • Will I still need to tax my car?

I'm afraid so, although the traditional paper tax disc will no longer need to be displayed in your car, as of 1st October 2014, but drivers will still have to pay car tax.
  • What do I do when I sell my car?

You'll need to inform the DVLA if you sell your car, failure to do so could mean you face a fine of £1,000, which really isn't worth it. You'll also still be responsible for taxing the vehicle, which you no longer own, and so will have to pay any fines the buyer may ammass.
You will be able to get a refund from the DVLA for any full calendar months left on your cars tax.
  • So will my tax not be transferred with the car to the new seller?

No, transfers have been abolished, so any car buyer will need to tax their new vehicle before driving it home.
  • How will anyone know whether my car is taxed if there are no discs?

Number-plate recognition cameras will be able to track each vehicle and catch out anyone who isn't up to date with their car tax.
  • So how do I pay using the new system?

From 1st November 2014 you'll be able to pay by monthly direct debit over 12 months. But, if you do buy tax using the bi-annual or monthly system you will incur a 5% additional charge.